Learn Technology the Easy JC way!

Bright ideas for teaching kids and adults... in novel ways!

Thanks for dropping in to see different possibilities for making engineering/science attractive to more people!
So many experts out there will tell you how difficult and high-level it is (and by implication, just how clever they must be!)
Well, here I am to give back your confidence:  Although technology has moved on so far in just a few tens of years, we still use the same basics and building blocks.  They are just smaller and we use so much more of them.
I want to show how even beginners' knowledge can be used again and again to make big insights - and big things!
Best of all, you may get to create inventions that don't yet exist - or at least cannot be bought in the shops.  Nowadays, we don't reinvent the wheel - we just add value to it.

So relax a bit, now. Learning - and teaching of technology can be fun again!

Fusion of Art and Science?

A lot of the fun in engineering and technology comes through creating.  This applies also to the Arts!  I enjoy both!
I love to present technology shows that demonstrate important fundamentals made more interesting with light, music and so on!
Yes, Technological Showbiz!  Can you believe it?  Fast moving show-and-tell with just the right amount of explanation to suit the audience.
Not just a lesson, my demonstrations could even be a highlight for a dinner and dance company event! 
You are invited!

This is a new site under construction...
Keep an eye on it!  My personal mission is to get folks to experience as much fun and satisfaction from working with technology as I have had for more than 40 years!